Data Acquisition and Evaluation Services

We provide well-site data acquisition and evaluation services related to oil and gas production.

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Our skilled engineers utilise creative combinations of proven methods and technologies.

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Our goal is to contribute to the success of our clients' field development.

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We deliver real-time, cost effective, and reliable services.

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Our business will be conducted with enthusiasm, and honesty to earn our clients respect and trust.

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PVT sampling: Main separator can be used for PVT sampling of gas and oil/condensate. Representative PVT samples can be obtained by controlling pressure and temperature at line condition.

Vessel capacity: 20L, heating cable: 220-volt, single phase and operating range 0-200 barg.


Shrinkage vessel is used to measure the shrinkage from test conditions to ambient conditions.

Vessel capacity: 500cc and operating range: 0-200 barg.

All vessels are assembled inside the same cabinet. The cabinet is electrically heated and the temperature can be controlled either locally or remote. The valves on the control panel are used to operate the unit.

Installation: Ex Zone 1 & 2 comply to CENELEC regulations.

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